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For 2023 we have chosen Naelia (Eliana Antonia Tumminelli) a music artist who brings with here a message of peace.

Here’s her story:


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Compositrice colorata, infanzia nel giardino degli aranci, dove nascono i fiori, e adolescenza a San Lorenzo dove hanno trasformato i palazzi in cenere, faremo rinascere i fiori in questo inverno… Di questi tempi è difficile usare le parole e il coraggio, ma mi sono svegliata con una fitta nel petto e ho scritto questo brano. Spero che la genuinità dei bambini possa essere coscienza dei ”grandi”.

Eliana Tumminelli, aka NaElia, singer-songwriter, dancer and performer, was born in Catania on 20-06-1989. As a child she takes her bags and moves from her land to Rome to study and cultivate her passion for dance, music and art. Eclectic his artistic training, from theater, to music, to dance, graduated from the National Academy of Dance in Rome.

On July 1, 2004 she was awarded the International Professionalism Prize “Rocca D’Oro di Serrone”, as a young talent, receiving the sculpture by Ambrosetti.

In 2008 she self-produced her first album-promo È Senza Senso

Already among the six finalists, of which only three have access, to participate in the RAI (National Italian Television) Xfactor 4^ TV Talent show, Magnolia production, 80,000 presences.

Ettore Maria Garozzo photo

Here’s her last album

Here’s her Spotify Page