There are only two categories of adult people who have no responsibilities in this world: The Slaves and the Dead. I do not see any of them around me.


Gianpaolo is our Founder and first President.

He has dedicated his life to others since he was a child. Very sensitive and altruistic, Gianpaolo has always fought for peace and human rights.

In 2018 he started his own project in Italy aimed to open as many hearts as possible and form a ”peaceful army of human advisors” ready to protect the weakest and fight against injustice. This project collected a lot of good people and now has become a worldwide humanitarian project named “Human Advisor Project”.

He has studied Sociology, Psychology, Data analysis, Economics and Finance and he wrote several books and articles. Gianpaolo is also Wealth Advisor for Banca Generali (Italy) and a mindfulness and emotional intelligence expert and teacher.

If you want to contact him, you can send an email to this address:

Cristian Mondin and Michela De Luca, in order the first Vice-President and first Secretary of the Human Advisor Project and now still active members of the project in Italy. Without their precious help, nothing would have been possible. Thank you for ever.
Gianpaolo Marcucci