The Human advisor project has opened a Chapter for Afghanistan, named Afghan Program, which purpose is to sensitize the world leaders about the issue of the country, mostly education and human/woman rights, but also economical and social issue.

We are working now on a series of auditing sessions in the EU parliament and Eu national parliaments. Our approach is new and strong: We know that in complex countries the solution is never a one way solution, so we think that is important to talk to every part involved, also we know that war it is never an option. That’s why we do not want to go against one side or another, instead we want to work on sensitizing all of them and the world about the need of inclusion of all the parts of Afghanistan, in the name of peace and human rights. 

That is why the Human Advisor Project has decided to act creating two projects in the program:
Firstable a network of Afghan People across the world, who wants to create and implement humanitarian programs for their fellows citizens which are now refugees and far from their homes and families. Then a lobbying program, that aims to push world leader to use diplomacy and politically awareness to help Afghanistan to find a way (sustainable for all parts) of respecting the international regulations about human rights and woman rights, helping the country to become more and more advanced and to avoid international sanctions.


We cooperate with several local NGO in Afghanistan. One is APJO, founded and directed by Dr. Abdul Nasir Folad. To know more about their work you can click here.


THE HUMAN ADVISOR PROJECT has inserted in its WorldWide-Online-Education Program, a chapter for Afghanistan and especially Afghan Girls and Women.

For that we established a strong partnership with HELIOS NPO and its president Nasrin Nadiry.

Human Advisor Project will support her and her team in the aim of guaranteeing free on line education for everybody.

Being The Human Advisor Project also a Diplomatic Mission, we will operate in Afghanistan, like in evry other country, according to the local laws and in the total respect of national regulation.

Here you can find more info about our partner:


Volunteers of Human Advisor Project are doing their best to help the people in Afghanistan, please donate or help us in any way you can so that we can send, in the hot zones, what they need to carry on. If you can help us, we are working on shipments from Italy. We mostly need money but also clothes, medicine and not deperibile food will be good.

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