Still Gender Inequality in the 2020’s. Initial thoughts 

We propose a reflection about gender inequality. Will follow others articles in english, spanish and arabic.

Despite all the declared efforts made by corporation boards and press office in terms of gender equality, the situation is not getting any better. 

How we can see in the graphics we found on McKinsey’s blog there are three points that emerges: 

  1. Whilst in the entry level jobs genders are quite equal represented, for Woman (especially no-white woman) is almost impossible to reach the top level of organizations.
  2. Woman are more subject to burnout than men. 
  3. Woman managers are more effective when an intervention is needed about key factors like: Emotional Support, Well being check, Workload management, Burnout prevention and work-life challenges help. 

Not only a more equal distribution of power in the organizations will be important for woman’s rights, but also for the inner efficiency of organization itself. 

To make this change we need to ignite a cultural change, that starts with a psycho-economic reflection: Corporations will spend less money and make more profit if woman would be at least 50% of the executive board. Why? Because our economic model is specular to our mindset, and every mind has a masculine part and a feminine part. When those part are in harmony, the organism works good and the person is in harmony with environment and society too. We’ll do soon, when Covid.19 pandemic will end in Italy, a workshop about it. For further info:

Source of graphics: 


Gianpaolo Marcucci, President of Human Advisor Project

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